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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  March 13, 2015 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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th these. he would drink these all the time. >> i don't know what is in it. >> same mix as a shake but it has a mint in it. >> yes. >> wow, i like it, minty fresh. >> will you drink it all. >> it is so thick. >> you realize lauren, disney movies decide todd ban smoking in all kid movies. 101 dalmatians core lah was smoking. they are never doing that anymore. >> did you ever hear about your favorite girl. >> kim. >> guess what she did. she tweet that had picture right there. >> what is she questioning. >> people have been questioning her parent skills because she's laying dunn taking a selfie. >> can we talk about her new hair jen. everybody is talking about this. some girls want it. >> the platinum look. >> some girls want it. >> there are rules about it. say hi to aunt tina. >> yes. >> she's hanging out.
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now go get your hair done. we will talk about the things you need to know before you get it, whether it is real and what is he having today at the salon. >> this is the kim kardashian platinum blonde look. >> yes. >> white blonde. >> it has to be hard to lift up that color and get that white, white, almost gray blonde. >> by the way in that picture of the bob i what is the kid's name. >> north good her name is north. >> last name west. >> it looks like she had pearls on. >> yes, that is the the problem people are saying that kim is an up fit mother because it is very dangerous because she's sleeping. >> you shouldn't have pearls around a baby's neck. >> yes good we will talk about that in a second. >> yesterday we showed you a video of the science project involving a bottle of coca cola. he pour some whole milk into it and we started that, at about this time yesterday morning. at about 15 minutes in you shake it a little bit.
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so we did it, right. >> then. then we did it about 30 minutes. and then about 45 minutes n then you and i got in the fight because we were sumo wrestling. >> do i remember that. >> i had a panic attack. >> yes you had your costume on backward. >> i had no idea. >> he was like get me out of here. >> so not true. i was having a panic a attack. i completely forgot to show you what it looked like the coke bottle after an hour. >> we have to know what does it look like. >> i brought it in. this is after 24 hours. this is what it looked like 15 minutes after our show. isn't that something. it is not milky but it the is clear. so who dares me to drink it. >> all of us. >> wait a minute but milk has been sitting for 24 hours, not the refrigerated. >> we need, do you want to do
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it. >> paul moore will drink it. >> we will drink it. >> wow. >> you cannot say that to mike jerrick. >> oh, know. >> way to go. >> it is explosive. >> here, come lick it off. >> you better be glad diana is off today. tony is looking pretty happy too. i have a friend who has a mop. fiddle player. >> he is in the the one who said yes. >> here you go. >> delicious. >> is it horrible. >> it is good. >> it taste like a coke float. >> yes. >> if we drink it, would you like others to drink it. >> i think you should. >> get three of them going and at the end of the show, we
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will do it. >> yes. >> did you see the sore on that guys lips. >> my gosh really he is turning around. >> you made a mess. >> that is bad. >> it taste like an ice cream float. >> it taste like coke with ice cream in it. >> how do you make ice cream. >> you put milk in there. >> what am i trying to say. >> that is basically what is on the video too. lets get back to this necklace thing. backlash of the kardashian's parenting choice just keeps going on and on. what do you think of this, first take a self we'll with the kid. >> this is at bedtime. remember north is just 19 months old. so sleeping with the pearl necklace which can be a choking hazard. soon after the the pic was posted comments was like why is north sleeping with the
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necklace an and questioning her skills. last week kim did bring her toddler to several fashion shows and caused controversy for fans. now you have the baby sleeping with the pearl necklace on come on, kim. >> maybe that is how kim sleeps. >> you are a mess. >> seriously she might wear jewelry to bed. >> yes. >> here's the deal, leave the baby out of it. >> isn't she a new mom, trial by error you are learning about what to do and what not to do. >> some things are just common sense. >> yes. >> she's obsessed with herself, her daughter and her husband. >> maybe she took it to be funny and took it off afterward, maybe right after she took it off. >> she just want everybody to know north had pearls. they just got it made. >> she probably has plenty of pearl necklacees. 9:05. there was time when have been and their mother smoke. my dad used to smoke in the dinner table.
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he smacked four packs of paul mall's every day and he would at the end of the dinner with all of the kid around he would light up and smoke right in my face. >> blow tonight your face and everything. >> i have been told many times. when i had ear aches i would go into their bedroom my ear hurt mommy and daddy. wow lay me in the bed next to him, smoke and blow tonight my ear. that is my dad. >> is that what happened to you. >> yes. >> smoke coming out of my ear. >> that is what it is. >> well, luckily, times have changed. >> big time. >> they used to expect on tv. >> yes. >> right here ashtray right here. >> yes. >> edward murrow would be righting up in the shot. >> that is crazy. >> in the exorcist do you remember in the film in the hospital those doctors were smoking. >> yep. >> so, now, when it comes to disney movies there is smoking, right.
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so captain hang he smoke two cigars at a time. do you remember peter pan and the boy they shared the peace pipe with the indians. >> yes good think about the smoking. first one there is not a lot of smoking. i said wait, there is that one, that one and deville smoke. so did owner of the 101 dalmatians rodgers. he blew right in the face of a.m. i rn wonder land. opinion neck ohio was lighting up, even the the jeanie and a laden smoked. >> i didn't realize it. >> yes. >> films in smoking is part of the his torque account. president in the movie lincoln. >> well, come on, lick on smokes. >> trying accurately portray lincoln. >> when was last time you saw smoking. the why does it have to be banned. they have not done tonight years. >> well, you can't take it out now. >> people say disney in movies have a lot of messages in them. >> yes.
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>> sometimes kids don't know they are seeing. >> if you look closely in frozen ana and elsa are smoking. >> really. >> no. >> of course not they was like what. >> yes. >> no. >> certainly not. >> well, i want to get into this because this guy is fascinating. there is a a make up artist. i can't come up with his name but i'll get it straight. there he is in the left-hand corner right. that is him in the other boxes too he transforms himself into celebrities. >> yes, that is kylie jener there. >> his name is pablo. >> dakota johnson, michelle obama. the the first lady taylor swift, jennifer lawrence. >> let the me see taylor. >> that is him. >> this is amazing. >> it is incredible. >> contouring all that make up. >> that is jennifer lawrence. >> that is jennifer lawrence. >> nicki minaj. >> i don't see that. >> even jennifer lopez. >> wow. >> look at the that woman, it looks like j lo. >> i said that.
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>> she's a pretty j lo. >> yes. >> he makes them pretty. >> he is pretty. >> it amazes me make up magic. >> bob, let me get started on this while i finish the the rest of the story that is the end of the story. >> basically we are moving to something new. >> i think we wanted to get people, we can't get a hold of this guy. there has to be a make up artist in the delaware valley. i want to be transformed into somebody of your choosing. >> we want to see it live here on the show. >> who would i be good. >> people should tweet us. >> jen fred. >> transform this into jennifer fredrick. >> that would be good. >> so tweet us, who would you like to see mike transformed into. >> and we need make up artist to say i can do that. even though it is contouring it takes a lot of work. >> several hours. it it would take days with me. maybe somebody in theater. >> you have are doing a good job out here. >> it is really slippery. >> use both arms.
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>> working at the car wash. car wash. >> really. >> were you a candy striper. >> i delivered food to the patients. and then i would give them a treat after this. >> can you tell, since in one would ever know you never do anything bad to the food before you delivered it. >> in a hospital seriously. >> i did have to make a choice one time. >> like you stole someone's cookie. >> i go in there, to pick up the cookies, the treats and the person had passed. >> i'm scared to know what he would say. >> the cookies were sitting right there. >> you just ate the cookies. >> i didn't i walk out. >> can you pull that in here. >> now what do i do. >> you put that in that little part, and squeeze the lever. >> it is good you clean up
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your mess. >> they had a mop that spin dries. >> that is certainly how it is. >> sirca1958. >> don't step because it is really slippery. >> you need to get yellow sign caution wet floory don't know where that is. >> you are a mess. >> what is that. >> no, that picture. >> american gothic. >> american gothicky need something too. >> yes. >> wow, that stinks, wow. >> let's move on. >> back over here. >> what is this going on sale today. >> for the love of god. >> put it where it need to be. exactly. people are reaching out to me. >> no, me. >> so, for the the past couple
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of weeks, i have had people tweet me, facebook me, they are saying alex, is there a yoplate commercial and i promise it sound like your voice doing the commercials. >> is it the yogurt one. >> yes. >> yoplate 100. >> i said what are they talking about. so we will play a little game all right. we will play two versions. one of it is me. >> you you for real. >> me for real doing it. >> the other one is the yoplate commercial. >> we want to you guess do you really think this sound like me. can you term which one is which. >> all right. >> let's play this first one. >> yoplate greek 100 for when you just can't make it without a protein pack, thick, creamy power me up with something philly. taste budd loving. satisfaction by the spoon full deliciously fruity. dinner feels a million years away. grab and go lets take on the world with 100 calories snack.
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yoplate greek 100 there are hundreds of reasons to snack on it. >> it is free running that commercial. >> that does sound like you. there is that threat y, you have a low huskie. >> all right. >> let's play the other one. >> i think that is you. >> yoplate greek 100 for when you just can't make it without a protein pack. thick, creamy power me up with something filling taste budd loving, satisfaction by the spoon full, and deliciously fruity. dinner feels a million years away. grab and go, lets take on the world 100 calories. >> say now, thick and creamy. >> you would ask me to a that. >> which one was me. >> say what. >> thick and creamy. >> thick and creamy. >> i don't know. >> so guess on line use
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facebook. >> twitter. >> instagram. >> use the hash tag fox 29 good day. >> a apparently i'm out here doing yoplate commercial. >> i want my check. >> did you see anybody to watch jimmy kimmel. president obama does this all the time they bring in a celebrity and have them read real tweets that they have received and they read really mean tweets that have been sent to the celebrities, including the president. >> is there anyway we can fly obama to some golf course halfway around the world and just leave him there. well rw surfer girl, i think that is a great idea. >> a course like is $23 now at sun stop. thanks obama. how do you make obama's eyes light up. shine a flashlight in his ears. that is pretty good.
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>> just fell off my chair. >> earlier you said your dad would smoke in your ear. >> he said he has some giant ears. >> it looks like a cab going down sixth avenue with the door open. >> we are getting tweets about it. the ronnie was like i told you, you sound like the woman on the yoplate commercial. they both sound like me. some people say second one. some people are saying the first. >> we will give it more time to guess. >> another five minutes. >> we will reveal. >> okay. >> i want my check yoplate, greek 100. >> is it going to rain the entire weekend. >> if you have to play indoors sat the day is your day. outside is sunday. look at the seven day forecast. we have 50 degrees today, increasing cloud, bright and sunny right now but we are getting ready for that rain on saturday and you might as well write off saturday as a entire rainy day. we will have 24 hours of this. tapering off around midnight and then starting around midnight tonight. so anyway sunday looks good sunny, breezy, st. patrick's
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day in philadelphia is on sunday and should be dry for that. sunny and nice on monday st. patrick's day itself is tuesday and a we bit cooler and chilly on wednesday of next week. mid 50's pie thursday. so there it is, your weekend and beyond. up, there it is, it is funny getting q to walk under the ladder. i just stole this off of lauer than's desk. we want to break the mirror. >> yes yes. >> she's like sure. >> you will need a hammer we will get the hammer. >> it is hammer time. >> look out. >> yes. >> are you going to break that. >> yes. >> look at that. >> you have hammer pants on today. >> now quincy you better return this. >> hey, kit kathy thought it was just a tease. >> he is doing it right now, this is live. >> doing it live. >> while we're waiting it to
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go outside i have more tweets. we should just reveal it. so, it turns out a lot of people are saying second one. everybody thinks the second one. it is the second one. >> the the music was different. >> but i still need you to know what i sound like. when i'm out and about they said i recognize you when i her your voice. >> you have a distinctive voice. how would you describe it sue alex's voice. >> it is huskie. >> yes. >> it is like a lauren bacall. >> i used to get in trouble in class. everybody would be talking in the school. when i opened my mouth. they are like alex stop talking. would i always get in trouble. everybody else is talking. how did you know it was me. >> what would they say what? >> alex. >> alex, stop talking. >> good idea. >> q is outside on q street. >> i met him in the lobby because he is trying to get an
9:18 am
internship at fox. you go to penn state. >> yes, junior at penn state. >> it is friday the the 13th. we will do superstition. are you superstitious. >> fairly superstitious. >> lets do this one. can you walk under this ladder real quick. >> i'll do it with you. >> this is before my interview. >> i know, exactly. >> now we will break this mirror. >> it is bad luck if you we won't dose internship we will find out but the at least you got on tv. >> that is right. >> ready. >> do you want me to just put it down. >> yes, right here. >> right here. >> just like that, you broke it. >> guess what i have. >> what. >> your phone. >> you forgot you left that in here. >> i could say this is a mirror. >> let's in the do that. come on. >> it is not fair. >> because, that phone cost a lot of money.
9:19 am
>> how to you know how much your mirror cost good your mirror looks like it was very easy to break. >> really. >> i'm just saying, do you feel like you got this interview. >> i feel kind of nervous now. >> it will be okay. >> you broke the the mirror. >> you may get it. you can show this tape and say i was even outside doing internships, interviews, outside, i think you should walk under the ladder one more time. >> he is bold and brave. >> reversing it. >> yes. >> now can you fix the mirror. >> i can't put the mirror back together. >> all you have to do is you cannot turn it around. good luck. >> i appreciate it. >> friday the the 13th guys we're breaking superstitions and having fun. >> everybody lucky superstitions. >> yes. >> thank you.
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>> we will see this after the show. >> don't cut your fingers. >> we have to take a break and come back. can you play something. >> ♪
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what's happened to snacking? how did it become absent-mindedly eating one after the next? we are a creamy cheese that still believes in savoring our food. the laughing cow. reinvent snacking. ♪ >> kevin mccarthey our film critic, i said now they have remade cinderella and a lot of kid, of course, they have in the seen it. >> is there a new element to it. >> it looks like it. >> yes. yes, there are. alex ape mike, how are you doing today good did you have
9:24 am
a seizure is what wrong with you. >> no, in i could not tell if you were tossing to me. i apologize so much. the movies it is to the i directory make of the 1950's classic. it is a live action reimaging of the classic. so what they did was they keep the same exact plot structure. you are seeing basic ideas of going to the ball, streak of midnight, et cetera. all these twists and turns occurring throughout the movie that make it feel unique but classic at the exact same time. that is what kenneth brand the director did a good job of. that kenneth brand, direct ham let, thor he shot it beautifully, production design is gorgeous costume design is amazing. lily james is unbelievable. i don't know if you watched downtown abby. but she's fantastic. she's amazing. she really captures self lessness of the character. the also the sincerity of the character. one thing that kate blend collette did is she is a cool stepmother but same time vulnerability. you understand why she's being
9:25 am
so mean at times later on in the project. you get kind of back stories of who she was why she's being so cruel. also if you air game of thrown star richard madden plays the prince. one thing i want to point out thinks completely nerd y. while watching the movie when she's leaving the ball watch the shot, it is a sideways shot, this way and it is supposed to symbolize her world being turned upside down. it is a brill yacht shot. it is very will cool. i gave it four out of five. >> i'm excited you said four out of five. i thought it was just another cinderella movie. now i want to see it. >> absolutely phenomenal. >> reason why people will be going, they want to see frozen short. have you seen the the frozen short before cinderella. >> 100 percent. it aired right before cinderella starts. get there early, seven minute short film called frozen fever. edina is back, kristin bill and olaf, new song.
9:26 am
>> is it as good. when they say a short can you add on to frozen. is it as good as frozen though. >> it is really good. >> frozen was a full length movie that obviously had a beginning, middle and end. thinks a short film. mini sequel. i loved seeing characters back. funny, cute. i really loved they are making a sequel officially, frozen two announced yesterday. do i want to mention i did sit down with cinderella a star lily james. you will in the believe how they actually did the the glass slipper check this out. >> designed just for you, how do they do that. >> it doesn't fit any foot. >> how do they do it. >> cgi it on. >> really. >> that is awesome. >> yes really. >> yes. >> it is made of swarovski crystal and maybe they wanted it small because i'm size six. it feels quite tiny. >> yes. >> more like little shoes with green dots on. >> motion capture almost.
9:27 am
>> wow. >> i'm nerd in that one sinned rel, all cgi. no idea. >> all technology. >> kevin, thanks a lot. see you next week week. >> thanks, mike anales that dude has great hair. but we will shave some heads today. have have you ever had your head shaved. >> yes. >> you have. >> so you can do it again. >> i thought your answer was no. >> let's get started. >> go, go, go, go. >> just listen to me. >> hit the clippers.
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whoa, this is a lunchbox not a halloween bag. rrrrr...a natural beauty.
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you're making me melt. shall we? mini babybel is 100% natural cheese and a whole lot of fun. mini babybel. snack a little bigger!
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. >> haron, lou feeling? >> feeling good. >> let's get not front here. >> and how many times have you had your head sniffed. >> six times. >> but have you ever done it liver on tv? >> nope. >> now why have you done will it done six times? big supporter of saint baldflick. >> yes. >> where is this going to happen? let's talk to another aaron cancer survivor. >> yes. >> what were you dealing with? >> i had a former cancer called non-hodgkins lymphoma. >> i've heard that far. >> diagnosed in december of 2012. >> and how are things now? >> things are going pretty good. i'm actually just about two years out of chemotherapy treatment. >> wonderful, love hear that. >> hole on just a second. man sitting next to you what's your name,er? >> keith. >> keith. you're going to shave your head? >> yes. >> today? and the sneered. >> and the beards. >> let's get this kid out of here. i have to see this. >> for anybody listening but aaron? >> the reason, also mike, hear so many people lined up here, is that, what is it, one in five diagnosis diagnosissed
9:32 am
when kids in the u.s. will not survive? >> oh, gosh. >> so, aaron tell us about everybody in the philadelphia area, knows about saint baldrick's remind people new to the area. >> fundraiser for childhood cancer research. and participants shave their heads, in solidarity for children who have lost their hair due to chemotherapy treatment. >> and you guys are having an event, flight. >> yes. >> tomorrow? >> it is tomorrow. >> take one right down the middle to l of his head. oh ya, baby. >> right there. >> how does it feel? >> great. >> great? >> you should leave it just like that. >> that's a good look for you. >> how long have you had the sneered. >> since january. >> okay, here goes. let's take some beard off. >> take the beard. >> oh,. >> lever the mustache. >> again, remind us when the event is? >> it is tomorrow, mattie's restaurant in lawrenceville. >> sure. >> and it is from 11:00 to five (. >> yep. >> you will get your head
9:33 am
shaved? >> yes. >> tell us what the idea of sharing head? >> it is to casino of support and show solidarity for children who have lost their hair, because of chemotherapy treatments. >> how is it feeling there? >> good. i'm watching it back there. >> bring in the next person? >> no, no, no, i think -- he should leave the tv station like. >> this don't you think? >> it would be a fashion statement. he would start a new trend watcher do you think about that? >> maybe. >> when we come back, we will see keith toldly bald without a beard. >> yes sir. >> okay? >> have you ever seen yourself totally bald? >> this is my eighth year doing this. >> oh, wow great love it. >> jen's back. top that with your hair. >> let's go platinum. >> yes let's go platinum. okay, and here is the other situation. some of these stylists here think that kim card and -- kardashian's player is actually platinum. think it is actually fake, and they'll tell us why the daily mail is saying that. but the big story is someone
9:34 am
has gone from that color to that color. we're going see it in just a few minutes guys. newtown square. >> ♪ ♪
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>> ♪ ♪ >> we have the band playing. keith, finishing up the job leaving the mustache on, as he requested. but we still have about three more heads to shave. you're looking good, keith. looking good. that's aaron right there
9:38 am
sporting the half, too. okay well, thank you. >> let's get back to his hair for a second, right? kim kardashian, platinum blonde. >> yes. >> you have seen the picture everyone been talking about it she was known as being this, you know, nice brunette, then bamm, look at that hair. they are calling it ice blonde. >> yes? so now people are wondering how do you do that? how do you go from a dark, dark brunette to this? so jen your newtown square, showing us, how to get it done. >> reporter: yes, before we do that first every all look at the two sides. so bunch of stylists over here. hi guys. and there is two gorgeous stylists over here. so i ask the question this morning: do you think that the kim kardashian blonde is real or is it a wig underneath? because the daily mail is thick that it is. so, lauren, alex, do you want to guess which side says it is real or which side says it is fake? which side do you think is going it is real or fake? >> lots of people or not so many people? >> the not so many people probably think it is fake.
9:39 am
>> i'm going to agree with lauren. >> you're right. so you guys think, you have seen this, and you looked, when she is getting her hair washed out and stuff. and you have clues that this may not have been a complete transformation? >> i think it is totally fake, yes. >> really? >> either i'm looking at this particular picture where she casino of tilted back in the shah poo bowl. almost likes like doll hair to me in the front. >> the hairline is perment. the hairline is absolutely perfect. the wigs have come a long way. these days, i think, it is definitely possible it is a wig. >> kardashian's always up for full public list ski stunt too. >> this will drive all of your client crazy trying to figure out. so you guys all think it is real. so when you look at it what makes you think that this really, this is what she did with her hair? >> well, when it was wet i mean, you can just see it. >> i love that you guys have little like salon battle. that will could be fun. so let's see what you guys have done. good morning to you we spin her around. she looks amazing so we have some before pictures of jen.
9:40 am
so let's first of all you guys started this process a while ago so we have first picture, and by the way good morning. >> good morning. >> you look beautiful. it was really, really dark, sort of like kim's hair. it took a long time for to you get this hair. this didn't happen in a day. >> no, did not happen in one day. i would say it takes a transition periods inbetween. you just can't go from black hair to platinum blonde in two minutes and maintain the integrity of the hair. >> so, give us some tips. by the way, we have, bring in you, as well, because even though this is the ice plate numb right like a white policeman numb? >> yes. this is our cool version of platinum blonde hair. very, very light, but definitely has cool tones. and meg over here, it is just a little bit warmer. meg's like your california beach blonde, and jen, i would say; more of our edgey white blonde. >> okay. >> so what are our tips? the first thing you said is if you have damaged hair, you can't do this, right? >> no, i would not suggest it. there are products out on the market like olaplex we take
9:41 am
any time transportation platinum blonde. but i would definitely say that you're not going to be doing it when somebody's hair is extremely damaged. >> the other thing is you got to be prepared to be best friends with your stylist. correct? >> totally. this is something that you're committed to. you're here a lot. it is not something that you can go six months without touching up. >> okay, any casino of hair like her hair looks beautiful does it have to be thick or thin or anything that you care about with that? >> no, not necessarily. finer hair might be easier transition, but it can be done on course hair. >> the bottom line is the all-over color now really coming in. right? it is enough with the streaky streaky thing. but it is more after all-over color is what's happening in spring? >> yes definitely seeing, you still have may have some dimension, but a lot of the clients switching over to platinum where the highlight low light look, now want to be all over color. >> you have some serious royalty here, and by royalty i
9:42 am
mean not our little -- i know, looking does mommy look like elsa? ly bit? you look a little like elsa. we have miss philadelphia, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> i love you are letting us put you on bear face, that's like a campaign. when you look over, there you're blonde. >> i am. >> do you want to go ice platinum? >> honestly i am teemed upped. >> really? >> ya. >> when you see the transformation, she says it, will take her little while to get used to. >> yes, but it is amazing she looks fabulous. >> we're happy to see you miss philadelphia. >> thank you. >> and i love that now i'm almost as tall as miss philadelphia, because when she was in the studio, she was way tall. tell us, do you like it? >> i do. i love it. they had vision in my head what i wanted and it is he can actually what i wanted. >> it looks really really pretty. well elsa, new frozen two movie coming out. rock star, who ever you want to be. ladies thank up, guys did great job. so i'm going to get my hair done now. see you monday. >> are you going platinum
9:43 am
blondes, jen? >> black, going black, all the way black. >> oh, you're doing a switch. >> that's me. i love all black. i think it makes your face look clear your complexion good. >> ♪ ♪ >> we have the band, still playing. a lot going on here on a friday. so of course the countdown to saint patrick's day kelly's countdown. so you're going to watch them perform people wanna know, why has my high efficiency washer been saying 7 more minutes for 25 minutes? the problem may not be with your machine
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what's happened to snacking? how did it become absent-mindedly eating one after the next? we are a creamy cheese that still believes in savoring our food. the laughing cow. reinvent snacking.
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>> countdown continues, every day the last few weeks had something different irish each day, and today is no different. today with me is the paul moore band. paul, you and i go back many many years to our north catholic days. >> alma matter north cat like, high. >> yes, class of 81, you're no stranger to the irish scene. tell us a little bit more about what's going on. >> i've been playing irish music the last 30 years with member of black barn for years, now the paul moore band. making sure i don't get kicked out of this band so i call it the paul moore band. >> go down the line. let's introduce the fellows here. >> gays guitar nick's, nick, and on the phil, bill. >> bill, how are you feeling? you drank the coke and the milk earlier. >> i'm energized. >> he's energized. doing good. >> matt, pat close our guitar player. >> so this is obviously busy weaken, gooing into saint patrick's day. >> where are you playing.
9:47 am
>> tonight at the international brotherhood of electrical workers ibew, down in chester pennsylvania, and on saturday the conshohocken parade, i think it might be postponed. >> yes, conshy postponed. >> great american public. >> on the corn their. >> we'll still be there. >> so rain or shine we'll be at the public. >> pretty sure. i haven't talk to them yet. little early in the morning to be calling the boss. then sunday playing at patty wack's after the philadelphia parade second and south street. saint patty's day laffayette hill pa. >> do you have a website anybody out there wants to know more about the music? >> paul moore band. >> you got t let's have the paul moore band get us going. some irish music here. >> ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
9:48 am
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9:53 am
into the top 12 now. somebody has to go home. somebody's got to win at the end of the day. we will not be using the save this week. and you knee breaks my heart. >> that's okay. >> oh, come on serena joy. boy, she put on brave face there. of course what else are you going to do? man, i like her a lot. i still do. and i love the fact that she is joining us now welcome to philadelphia. >> hi, how are you guys? >> i love your smile. i love your voice. i don't know what they're thinking. >> i know, and the audience loves it. >> oh, you know, they were so cool right? they were chain g save, save, save. it was really, it was really overwhelming. >> so what were you thinking
9:54 am
overnight after your performance? did you have a sense oh, i'm in trouble. >> i kind of new. i casino of new actually, ya. i knew that it was probably be in. and i was okay, because, a good friends told me, just know when you're going home. you just casino of know. and i was really pleased with what i did on idol. you know, over the past year, so i said, you know what? it is a good time to go. >> you know, some of the other contestant, i know they'll really miss you they say you're like the mother to everybody. >> ya, those are my babies, all so, so very close. it is just hard to talk about them than it is to talk about the competition. because we were just like family. so ya, it is going to be very hard to go and not be around them every day. but i'm going to be watching every week, honestly. >> now do you go back home to tennessee, or can you stay in hollywood? >> well, i'm actually going to hang out my mom's here, and
9:55 am
we're going to hang out for a couple of days. >> good. >> and casino every just relax little bit. then i'll go home. because my hometown has been incredibly supportive of me. i want to go back and tell them thank you and see everybody and say hi. >> in columbia a columbia arc tennessee. >> yes. >> here is the plan s this your plan. >> let me draw a plan for you here. are you going to move to nashville, say and get into the music business? >> i could. i might move to nashville i might move to la. >> oh? >> it is all mapped out a little bit in my head. so, there is definitely big moves about to happen in the next couple of years. so i'm very excited. >> so you're so hollywood now huh? >> i love it here. i love it here so much. everybody's so great here. >> so, i would like -- the judges could have saved you darn it who is your biggest supporter of the three? >> jennifer lopez and she always has been and.
9:56 am
>> life hams, ann i have to use this and further my career. so i'm super excited. >> who notion, maybe a collaboration with her one display. >> oh, love that! that would be an honor. oh, my gosh, that would be incredible. >> you know what too you could be also be an actress because i've been watching you, you know? you're so pretty. you got great voice. >> and personality. >> and personality. truant too long. >> oh, thank you. >> boom. >> ya, acting would be fun. i would love tonight i always wanted to be on blew glee, now it is ending so i can't be on glee. maybe another musical show. >> or maybe empire? >> oh? >> oh, ya, empire! that would be fun, right. >> ya. >> you know the direct or of empire lives in philadelphia, from philadelphia, we'll talk to lee daniel, okay? >> oh, great. put in good word for me right, put in good word for me. >> now do you have say have
9:57 am
your people call my people, right? >> ya. >> at 19 she has people. hey, continued great success in your life, okay? >> thank you so much. thank you guys. >> best of luck to you. >> i believe they'll still have another american idol tour oh i don't know, i think it is top ten? >> oh, well she will be doing big things. >> i've already made a mess, clean up with a mop right? and then the saints baldrick's boys have left hair. >> oh, they did? >> so like in a barber shop, you know, well, you get your brouse down? >> yes, i like this clean up, mike. you're so useful, so helpful. i guess i should get up and help you then? >> well, could you. >> look at you. >> okay. >> i tell you we really cleaned up this week, didn't we? >> i think so. >> ya. >> here, let me see. >> let me see. >> take the shot. overhead shot. so we can clean the logo. >> oh, that's true, the cookie, you got to clean the cookie. >> of course, it is the lc, if we had real human in here we
9:58 am
could punch up the shot. >> wipe it clean. we're wiping to the weeken
9:59 am
10:00 am
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